Wizard101 into the depths

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Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez. Expanded to 7 different languages and 13 different countries. We hope you had fun delving into the intto and thee the evil Nosferabbit! We also brought back, due to popular demand, the Nightmare pack and added a few new things to spice it up — I hope you were able to take advantage of that this year! We knew it had to be epic, and we wanted it to rock your worlds. We had so many awesome ideas that we wanted to put into the finale that we had to split this last chapter into two parts!

In planning it out, we wanted to make sure that each half had almost as much to do as a full update. Spells can now both be a damage spell and a charm, which means they will react properly to enchantments. Many spells that are variations of the original will now look more like they should - ie the Life Banshee will be green and not look like the Death Banshee. Look for these updates in various spells. Being stunned now only generates one stun shield.

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Fepths slightly smaller amount of land mass allowed us to focus more on some really cool moments in the story and bring them up to a new level. Also, we are so very excited Wizard011 finally get to reveal Shadow Magic to the world. Shadow Magic originates from an ancient and dark place, though it is not in and of itself evil or malicious. It is simply very powerful, and with this power, comes risk. The ability to wield Shadow magic is limited to only the most advanced Wizards, and even then, they find that they are changed with its use. Manipulating the essence of reality does that to a person! We believe that the introduction of Shadow Magic, along with some other balance changes, will find the combat pendulum swinging back the other way.

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The Wizard101 depths into

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Manipulating the essence of ibto does that to a person! We believe that the introduction of Shadow Magic, along with some other balance changes, will find the combat pendulum Wizrd101 back the other way. We found that battles seemed detphs be getting longer and longer, and we wanted to take steps to return to more fast-paced, thrilling combat, rather than a competition of who has the most resistance and can last the longest. Part two will be coming sooner rather than later. While the majority of the team was focused on KR Part 1 and Shadow Magic, we had quite a few other fun things make it around to the Spiral in the latter half of the year! New Tournament modes introduced a few new ways to play: Classic Mode no pets, amulets, or treasure cardsLightning Round shorter rounds, with escalating damage and extra armor piercingand School Perks certain schools get bonuses to their spells.

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