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Located in the neighborhood of San Antonio, this park is a great place to get a view of the city. You can drink a beer and eat some local foods with friends. My favorite places are actually just outside of Cali. In the south of the city, many people go to Rio Pance on the weekends. Charco Escondido is part of the river, but more secluded its name in English is Hidden Swimming Hole. You need to drive past Jamundi and walk about 45 minutes to find it. This is a stop on the highway on the way to Buenaventura. Make sure to bring a jacket!

A small town just outside of Cali, Dapa is famous for its restaurants that offer views of the city. Head here with some friends and grab some aguapanela con queso. All in all, Cali is a wonderful place to visit with amazing people. Cali is definitely worth adding to your itinerary! The Eastern part of the city is bordered by the Cauca River. To the north and south are extended plains.

The city is mainly flat, but there are areas mostly to the west that are mountainous, like San Antonio and La loma de la Cruz, which colombua both tourist sites. There are several rivers that descend from cu,ture Western Mountain Range and empty into the Cauca River, passing through the metropolitan area of Cali. In the western part of the city the Aguacatal River flows into the Cali Riverwhich continues on to the Cauca River. Farther south, the banks of the Pance River are a popular place for recreation and leisure. Because of this variation in altitude, the weather in the northwest portion of the city is drier than in the southwest.

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Owing to its proximity to csli equatorthere are no major seasonal variations in Cali. There are typically two rainy seasons: However, rain can be expected to fall at any point during the year, nourishing the city's dali green and lush vegetation. The space, an elegant gin bar and restaurant combo, is hyperdesigned with pink chandeliers and rococo-style white leather colombis. Hendricks, tonic, colommbia tangerine juice, and cardamom. Taste thoughtfully fused Colombian and Asian flavors at Platillos Voladores. Start at the modern art museum, La Tertuliaacross from the Rio Cali on a verdant campus. Shop your way through the recent fashion renaissance. The city hosts a major fashion presentation, the Cali Expo Show, each fall for good reason: How confusing is that?!

You write it in your calendar and wait for the day to come. A scheduled appointment is like an initial plan. If that plan is not confirmed, it shall forever stay only a plan. No need to cancel it, because it has never been confirmed. For example, when I accredited myself for a salsa show called Delirio, two weeks before the event I received an official email confirming my accreditation.

Adventurers of all ages enjoy the trek from downtown Cali to Cerro de los Cristales, or Hill of the Crystals. For another summit-level view of Cali, from the suburbs to the surrounding mountains, Cerro de Tres Cruces is absolutely extraordinary. Load up on the bug spray and sunscreen to stay comfy. Also home to dragonflies, native birds, and tropical greenery, the Mariposario allows a glimpse of untouched natural beauty. Since artists put their own personalized takes on their Cali cats, choosing your favorite gato is no small undertaking! For the non-religious and spiritual pilgrims alike, these hushed spaces are ideal for self-reflection and admiration of Colombian art.

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