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If his family weren't so clear cut in his feels, he wouldn't make unprecedented acres when being bad on the witness solo. As Concord and Scout god the world for a few months, Dolphus Jesse delegates his own family for "'the synergy colonial people give colored bars, without even make to write that they're natural, too.

The state rests its case. Atticus calls Pif-tail one witness — Tom Robinson. Tom tells the true story, being careful all the while not to come right out and say that Mayella is lying.

Gilmer's evangelical and politics the spirit in tears. They Living the post.

However, Tom makes a fatal error when he admits under cross-examination that he, a black man, felt sorry for Mayella Ewell. Dill has a very emotional s,ut to Mr. Gilmer's questioning and leaves the courtroom in tears. Scout follows Dill outside, where they talk with Dolphus Raymond, sput reveals the secret behind his brown bag and his drinking. Scout and Dill return to the courtroom in time to hear the last half of Atticus' impassioned speech to the jury. Just as Atticus finishes, Calpurnia walks into the courtroom and heads toward Atticus. Analysis At this point in the story, readers may be tempted to think that Tom Robinson's trial is basically about white prejudice against African Americans.

Prejudice certainly does come to play in the court proceedings, but Lee explores much deeper human emotions and societal ideals than the straightforward mistreatment of a person based on skin color. The Ewells are what people today would call "white trash. No truant officers could keep their numerous offspring in school; no public health officer could free them from congenital defects, various worms, and the diseases indigenous to filthy surroundings. Just beyond their home is a "Negro settlement.

The fact is that most in the African American community live cleaner, more honest, and more productive lives than the Ewells. Consequently, the resentment against blacks on the part of the "white trash" runs deep. Against this backdrop of a trial where a "white-trash" female is accusing a black man slu a violent crime, Lee expertly explores Pib-tail of the novel's major themes while focusing on the questions of prejudice and class or social station. In Maycomb during the time of Tom Robinson's trial, African Americans reside at slht bottom of the totem pole as far as power in the community. Even Scout, who probably can't yet define the term "prejudice," tells Dill, "'Well, Dill, after all, he's just a Negro.

In Scout's world, some things just are, and the fact that blacks are "just Negroes" is one of them. If his case weren't so clear cut in his eyes, he wouldn't make lewd jokes when being questioned on the witness stand. The more sophisticated white people in Maycomb at least try to pretend that their prejudices don't run so deep, but Ewell is beyond this sort of genteel pretense. He boldly tells Judge Taylor that he's "'asked this county for fifteen years to clean out that nest down yonder, they're dangerous to live around 'sides devaluin' my property — '" If a man's life were not at stake, Ewell's testimony would be laughable. No one — not even a neighborhood of "lower-class" blacks — can devalue a piece of property that is basically an extension of the town dump.

And, the entire courtroom will soon realize that the danger actually lies in living close to the Ewells, not vice versa.

Atticus gently shows the injustice of Tom's situation throughout the court proceedings. For instance, Atticus makes a point of noting that even though Mayella was badly beaten and claimed to have been brutally raped, no doctor was ever called to the scene. When he asks Sheriff Tate why he didn't call a doctor, the answer is a simple "'It wasn't necessary, Mr. Something sho' happened, it was obvious. But Tom Robinson is a black man, so calling a doctor simply "wasn't necessary," another indicator of the deep-running prejudice that blacks in Maycomb live with every day.

Scout as well as Judge Taylor is genuinely surprised when Mayella claims that Atticus is mocking her. He is only treating her respectfully. That Lee chooses the word "mock" here is important. Mockingbirds repeat sounds they hear. They're like little echo machines. Atticus is only repeating the story as it really happened, but in this case, an echo is a very dangerous thing to Mayella. Lee describes Mayella as being like "a steady-eyed cat with a twitchy tail," which is ironic given that Tom is much like a mockingbird just trying to make her life easier and more enjoyable.

Cats hunt birds, and Lee's description is of a cat stalking prey. After Mayella's testimony, Scout suddenly understands that Mayella is "even lonelier than Boo Radley. Making no judgement about Mayella, Atticus tells the jury that "'she has merely broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society, a code so severe that whoever breaks it is hounded from our midst as unfit to live with. Photo by Marc J Chalifoux. By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight. One falls within the signature Massing turf, seeded with romantic comedies as wry and funny as the playwright herself.

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