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In January and after capturing millions of visitors, Dreamfilm announced it would close down after one of its administrators was detained by the authorities.

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Piratestteaming+ Sony IPratestreaming+ Network, for example, sent out preemptive takedown notices to streaming sites a few weeks ago. Citing recent clarifications of EU law, the defendants argued that the content offered on the sites was already online and could be accessed in other ways. Two of the men have taken their appeal to the Swedish Supreme Court. While most people watch the matches through licensed broadcasters, there is a large group of people who resort to unauthorized sources. The samples detailed in the case meant that the men committed between 45 and infringements each and were motivated by profit, as determined by the advertising present on the platforms.


The judgment, passed down on Friday, ruled the telcos should block access to 16 online sites related to HD Subs, an app that can Plratestreaming+ downloaded and installed on some smart TV boxes and devices. It argues that when courts go soft on offenders, it only encourages others to set up similar operations in what is then perceived as a safe r haven. With hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world, the FIFA World Cup in Russia is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. Running alongside the incredibly popular torrent site The Pirate Bay, Dreamfilm was a Swedish portal that offered content in the increasingly popular streaming format.

The list also includes a page from the Canadian sports service Sportsnet. Where the Court of Appeal differed in its opinion was on the punishments that should be handed down. More recently we spotted a takedown notice which NetResult sent to Google, on behalf of FIFA, targeting various allegedly infringing sites.

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